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Originally Posted by Abnegation View Post
I like your idea of making a property line system, however I'm interested in how it's going to pan out. However, I'm thinking that you need to update with more screenshots as opposed to fakemon, at least show some of those within the game. Also, on that notion of fakemon, I like most of the sprites, however I think 101 of them would be quite ambitious and a little too many to be quite frank, but that's me. To be honest, what you're lacking majorly, is diversity between your screenshots, the updates look the same as the original screens and I think you need to mix it up a little, add to your tileset for example. The mapping seems to be quite good however, maybe you should push the boundaries and take the advantage of RMXP and add depth with the ability to add more tiles, more flow and more features to your mapping style.

All in all, you've got a steady base, you just need to work on convincing us that there's more than just aesthetics to this game, I'd like to see some events and some more towns with a different look than those already shown. Best of luck with your project, if you need further critique I'm free to offer my assistance.

First of all, I understand your worry fakemon-wise, but I also want to focus on player choice. With the storyline taking presidence, player choice would therefore suffer as a consequence (I originally wasn't even going to allow gender or name chocie for sake of the storyline). More fakemon = more player choice. I also want to create a game the player can become immersed in. I have revealed (so-far) very little about the backstories of towns or what they contain or about fakemon's movesets or even the typing of the gym leaders. This is to create an unknown fronteir for the player to explore and discover. Using and developing the fakemon is part of that.

As for events, nothing is very sleek at the moment. This will arrive, eventually.

Tiles. In an ideal world I would have tilers of the same quality as Garnet's or Helios' making unique tiles for the game. Unfortunately, it is just me and my lack of talent in this field means I have been using public tilesets by Alistair and CalisProjects so far, which are brilliant - just not unique. I will have to tile myself at points - the pyramids, ski resort etc. - but what I really need is someone who can sit down and make some stunning tiles.

Thanks for taking the time to formulate and type such an in-depth response. That's how I improve the game. :cer_smile:

Originally Posted by AceDragonite View Post
I agree that the world he created is "Awesome", but the one thing that bugs me about this fantastic game is that you need some really, really good tiles to pull off the atmosphere you are attempting to create. I mean, your tiles atm are subpar, and really can't create a game players can immerse themselves in, (none of which is your fault).
If you can find a skilled tile artist, this game will definetly have my respect, Cynic.
Unfortunately that is the project's Achille's Heel. I am going to try my best to grab the attension of possible tile-spriters through Pokecommunity and Deviantart in order to get more unique tiles. I can make tiles myself, and will have to eventually; I'm just not very good at it. :cer_smile:

Originally Posted by RulerArceus View Post
Aenopolis is the 8th Gym?To me, it sounded like a 7th Gym Town, Or maybe somewhere with some Big Hi-Tech Ship that Takes you to The Elite Four,and afterward, Battle Frontier.
Oh, and Can you Ride Kyusak?
I just thought of some Moves that might Be good for your game.
Ride: Maybe HM.The Pokemon Charges at the Opponent.It can also be used to go Faster on Flat Terrain.
Accuracy: 100
Toxic Health:Kyusak's Evolutionary Line Move. It can Powerfully Poison an Opponent, but can also be used on an Ally to heal them by one quarter of their Max Health.
Those are some Of My Ideas.
~Ruler Arceus

The Elite 4 are at Ascension Castle.

I dislike the idea of so may HM's. "Ride" would just be a natural feature.

Thanks for making a suggestion, but stats abilities etc. have already been decided. Trust me, you will not be disapointed.

And yes, you can ride Kyusak. :cer_wink: They're a bit rare though.

Originally Posted by pokemonseablueversion View Post
Nice! But, not to offense you, didn't you get the Fonts folder? You are currently using the ARIAL font in your game and doesn't look good in it. Anyway, It is SUPER BRILLIANT! The fakemon were good!
The whole game will be made more sleek prior to any release. Don't worry. :cer_wink:

New Logo

A new logo has been designed by the brilliant!

New Map

The region map has been made anew! This is how it will appear in-game (I may tweak it slightly). I still havn't decided which style to use:

The one on the left is by me, the right is by NikNaks. NikNak's one, if used, may need a little altering.


Littlebeach Town
Freewharf Town
Southport City
Ode Town
Myrtle City
Wattsville City
Radiant City
Vestige City
Meadowranch Town
Everlanche City
Drygulch City
Sanctuary Town
Neonbright City
Rustshore City
Soulemn Town
Tropica City
Murkreek Town
Autumnleaf Town
Aeonopolis City


Cape Infinity
New Forest sawmill
Wattsville Dam
Lake Valient Geothermal Plant
Mt. Ardour
Terracotta Tomb
Vestige Catacombs
Amity Airfield
Howling Cave
Shiver Summit
Prestige Resort
Wintershore Tunnel
Abandonned Mine
Stormy Mesa Wind Farm
Ancient Pyramids
Relic Beach
Noctis Crater
Carmine Reef
Everglades Safari Adventure!
Riddle Rock
Ranger Outpost
Ancaster Mansion
Autumnleaf Vineyard
Searoar Spiral
Futuretech Nuclear Plant
Aeonopolis Sewers
Deepsea Trench
Dragon's Roost/Dragon's Keep
Victory Gate
Triumph Landing
Ascension Castle
Astral Peak
Astral Shrine


Diluculo Island
Whispering Cliffs
Melody Thicket
Myrtle Valley
Timber Track
New Forest
Wattsville Reservoir
Mountain Cycleway
Lake Valient
Basalt Path
Calamity Pass
Vestige Green
Halcyon Plains
Dusty Ridge
Blizzard Verge
Wintergreen Trail
Meltwater Gorge
Windrush Canyon
Immortal Desert
Verdant Oasis
Thorny Scrub
Lucky Lane
Ribbon Sea
Nox Island
Tropica Everglades
Victalis National Park
Shady Bayou
Dark Swamp
Shimmer Glade
Russet Falls
Amber Bridge
Crepusculum Island
Zephyr Bridge
Aeonopolis Outskirts
Amaranth Dots
Triumph Straits
Dies Island

A few changes have been made to the region.


This is the logo for the Vicitalis Pokemon League made by Artic.Uno:

You'll see it on all the region's gyms and at Acension Castle.

Support Banners

These were made thanks to Samuraigun7:

Get supporting! :cer_tongue:

Coming Soon

- Mapping for Freewharf Town, Cape Infinity, Diluculo Island, Southport City, Whispering Cliffs, Melody Thicket, Ode Town, Myrtle Valley and Myrtle City.

- Gym leader sprites.

- New fakedex!

- A whole wikia dedicated to the game (there is so much backstory to every town you would not believe it!).