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Quote originally posted by I like Pokemon (...):
Well, if the Hueco Mundo Arc is from Ichigo entering Hueco Mundo up until Aizen leaving Hueco Mundo, is it REALLY that brilliant? Sure, we get plenty of fights, but I don't think it was very well spaced out. A lot of focus was around Ichigo's fights, and Szayel against everyone. Besides that, not much. I was hoping we'd learn a bit more on how the Arrancar work in Las Noches, like I've read fanfic where it's the equivalent of an Arrancar Seireitei.

Anyway, I'm hoping that this will be very good. I have a slight feeling that it will feel like a filler, but that might be because of the fact that we're "back to normal" now.
Same here. Arrancar backstory would be nice, along with Pre-Aizen Soul Society. (Isshin??)


I think it best to leave the "normal" in parentheses, because Kubo won't leave Ichigo like this forever. xD At least I hope not.