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Manga's out~
Overall, I kind of liked the chapter. It really focuses on a more real-life situation. Having a part-time job, school gangs, etc. It's nice.

The first three silhouettes are obviously Renji, Byakuya and Rukia. He obviously misses them, and his subconsious may be trying to say that he's gaining his powers back slowly? Silhouettes/outlines would be the next time in seeing something, I guess. Maybe I'm just looking too deeply.

"I'm gonna wake you up with my fist!!" So kinky

Ah, yes, good ol' Isshin. And again, not used to Ichigo talking about Soul Society so freely.

"A day without melodies" back to his usual chapter titles, I see. I kind of like them, they're nice in a poetic way.

I find it very funny the way he's having people offer HIM a job, instead of him asking for one.

Oh, have we seen Chad yet?

Ichigo has such... Thin legs. That's all I can say.

And, of course, Orihime. Yeah. One thing I've noticed is that her hair pins aren't in her hair. Odd...

Boy, Ichigo and co. never have a dull day, do they?

Page 23 is mainly just... nonsense, I think.

For a weird reason, I thought that maybe Ichigo's boss was Urahara? Referring to a shop, and the way his mood changed halfway was not unlike something I can imagine Urahara doing.

Ishida looks... weird. I think he needs a haircut. He looks very girly.

The full body shot actually reminds me of Szayel. His body shape is thin, like Szayel's, and his hair and glasses aren't TOO different, I think.

I think the shadow might be the mysterious Substitute Shinigami from the previous chapter. Don't ask me why, though.

Originally Posted by RASENCERO View Post
That was almost exactly what I meant!
Because of all his transformations and evolutions and whatever else is happening to him, after the last fight something changed what made him lose "contact" with his reiatsu, because it changed "type". Something like that.
Though it wasn't supposed to make perfectly sense, it was a random and unlikely to happen thought.

No? Engetsu and Mugetsu seem similiar. It seems likely he used it. But indeed, like you said, we don't know.
Hmm... Maybe... But it looks like Kubo isn't going down that route.

And Engetsu and Mugetsu are different things. Engetsu is Isshin's zanpakutou, and Mugetsu is an attack in Ichigo's FGT form.
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