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Quote originally posted by Syrisk:
Hi, i don't know if this is the place to ask for this, but how do i play the hack? =)
There's a tutorial board for that question.

Anyway, good game so far, only one small issue. If you exit the house between Glaurung Forest and Clarity Town through the Clarity Town exit in the right most tile, you end up in the middle of the house in Clarity Town and can't move.

So I beat the first gym leader. Took forever to level up the Pokemon though through just the forest but I guess that's part of the challenge. Also I found some more bugs:
- If you change to a menu through the main menu(ie. Pokemon or Items Menu) in Vestria City near the two policemen and scientist, the game screen goes off center and you start controlling one of the policemen. However the glitch is fixed if you go in a building.
- In some double battles, you win if you KO only one pokemon.

Game's great so far and the story's more interesting after the library scene. Now moving on to Route 2!

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