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Originally Posted by Chesu View Post
You should ork on modifying stuff more. The three on the right are good, but Sceptile's tail is kind of obvious, and that same sprite could use a little more neck. The grass Pokemon's base form is.. Well, I'm not entirely sure what I'm looking at. The head looks almost identical to Vulpix and... Is that a tail, or roots? I really don't know what the lighter-colored back portion is supposed to be.

On all of them, the outline is kind of choppy, but that's easy to fix. Overall, the designs are good, but could use some more fine detail. The biggest grass one's back is like a big brown canvas, so figure out what to draw on it.
thanks for the advise chesu. the reason why it has a short neck is because it's based on an ancient giant wolf and the back of the first pokemon is actually kinda like the flat piece on a pine seed. all three are somewhat based on the stages of a pine tree. and i'll work on the outline, the head of the first pokemon and the 3rd pokemon a repost those ones once i'm finished