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Originally Posted by Raaxon View Post
Cool man, thanks. I heard the Quilfish evolves into something? That might be cool. I'm currently thinking about making my Grass type Seedot, since it can be pretty solid as a Shiftry. Also, I'd love to get a Shinx, where do you get them? And I might make my Hyperegg an Entei for Fire type.

Are there any other Flying types, apart from Wingull and Taillow? I dont need one til later, I suppose, so I could just look for one along the way.
Well, as far as Flying types, I dont remember seeing many I could catch. You could wait and get a Trapinch and evolve it to Flygon for a Flying type. I had forgotten about Shiftry, but with Shroomish, you get Mega Drain which is always useful, but its your call. Im not 100% sure about Shinx since Ive never seen a wild one. Quilfish apparently does evolve in the game, though Ive never caught one to confirm.
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