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Originally Posted by Raaxon View Post
Hey, just started playing this... I'd like to know what a good team work be? I like to work on the basis of having one Fire, one Grass, one Water, one Flying, one anti-Flying (electric, rock, ice, whatever) and one extra. What would be a cool team?
A Cool team is not the same as a Good team. I recommend Qwilfish as water, Solrock as anti-flying, Zigzagoon to kill anything that stands in it's way, Poochyena likewise, a Slakoth for fast, destructive fighting/psychic moves, Zangoose for Mongolian Wrath and Onix for the beauty value. hm, I can't remember where I caught an Onix...
I don't use fully evolved names ON PURPOSE.

Now THATS a cool team!
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