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Quote originally posted by TheRkyeet:
A Cool team is not the same as a Good team. I recommend Qwilfish as water, Solrock as anti-flying, Zigzagoon to kill anything that stands in it's way, Poochyena likewise, a Slakoth for fast, destructive fighting/psychic moves, Zangoose for Mongolian Wrath and Onix for the beauty value. hm, I can't remember where I caught an Onix...
I don't use fully evolved names ON PURPOSE.

Now THATS a cool team!
I have to agree with Rkyeet. That is indeed one of the best teams you could have - though I think you might consider Seviper for a slow coiling menace, or indeed Munchlax for a battering ram with wide, evil eyes.

Quote originally posted by NainilJShah:
Baltoy is probably your best bet against anything in the game. However, you'll find out that it is completely useless once you get a Shroomish, as it hits nearly everything in the game for major damage. You won't need anything else in my opinion, but if you really want to, you can catch a Qwilfish once you get Surf early in the game.

-MysteryEgg/SecretEgg/HyperEgg learns Eruption, so it is the thing if you want a Fire type.
-Shroomish/Breloom is by FAR the best choice when it comes to a Grass-type. You'll probably need it to defeat the corpse in Petalburg Forest, as Leech Seed comes in useful.
-A Water-type won't be available until you hit Qwilfish after you get Surf. You won't need it, but there you go.
-Flying can be Aerodactyl later in the game, but if you want, again, you can get Taillow early.
-Anti-Flying can be a Baltoy early in the game, but then you'll find it becomes useless as the game progresses.
-An extra HAS to be a Zigzagoon/Linoone. You'll need it as a HM slave.

My team at the moment is-
Hyperegg Lv.50 (Trust me, this thing is damn useful to tank hits. It has 326 HP for me, and has Eruption and ShadowBall)
Breloom Lv.48 (Awesome thing, pwns everything. MachPunch/BulkUp/ LeechSeed/(MegaDrain/GigaDrain) is my moveset, and it hurts)
ShinyAerodactyl Lv.40
Ditto Lv.30 (Useless thing, just there because I couldn't be bothered to replace this after solving the warp puzzle)
Baltoy Lv.17 (See? I haven't trained this thing at all)
Zigzagoon Lv.12 (HM Slave)\

And Cutlerine, I have one question. Is a Moon Stone available in the game at the moment, at all?
Moon Stone is available - but since it has a few extra uses, it's hidden quite well.

Quote originally posted by cheatfreak23:
Well, as far as Flying types, I dont remember seeing many I could catch. You could wait and get a Trapinch and evolve it to Flygon for a Flying type. I had forgotten about Shiftry, but with Shroomish, you get Mega Drain which is always useful, but its your call. Im not 100% sure about Shinx since Ive never seen a wild one. Quilfish apparently does evolve in the game, though Ive never caught one to confirm.
Shinx is not available wild. It is available only as a special gift.

Quote originally posted by Raaxon:
Hey, just started playing this... I'd like to know what a good team work be? I like to work on the basis of having one Fire, one Grass, one Water, one Flying, one anti-Flying (electric, rock, ice, whatever) and one extra. What would be a cool team?

I know I sound nooby, but trust me, I'm not. I just like to know what I'm up against.
I can't believe no one has suggested this... Trust me, for the most powerful Flying-type available ingame, wait until Mt. Pyre and then, on the slopes of that most ancient graveyard, catch yourself a Kenchira. Then evolve it, and it will kill everything that stands in its path - and even those who get out of the way.

For a Fire type, I recommend Psypig; for a Grass type, Breloom (what beats Breloom?); for a Water type, I recommend either Gyarados, Qwilshark, or the insanely rare Milotic; for an anti-Flying, get an Emonga or a Luxray; and for your extra, I would have to recommend Azombarill or Yuck.

im in the island of calm i just beat the deadly seven plus the other deady seven guy n im stuck where do i go after that
Did you not listen to Asimov? He said that there was a secret switch on the side of the sign near the entrance to the Island. I would go back to that sign and press that switch, if I were you...

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