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Originally Posted by Kenshin5 View Post
I wonder if Iris was reluctant to use Doryuuzu because it is uncute or if the fact it won't obey her. Or if there is another reason. It makes me wonder why she didn't use it back when Pikachu and Kibago were captured by Team Rocket and Mijumaru had to come in and rescue them. I wonder if Doryuuzu was given to Iris by instead of her capturing it. Glad to see Team Rocket is active in Isshu, seems like they are definitely going to play a role in this region.
I'm thinking of the exact same reason as well. I was surprised that she has a Doryuuzu and was also wondering why she hasn't used it yet in the earlier episodes. Its probably because it doesn't obey her but other then that, I'm glad that this episode is going to be about Iris. I wanted more episodes on her since she is a new character. I hope they make a Dento episode later on as well.
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