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Got the 2nd Badge! I like the idea of the Battle Area in Mineral Town. Here's a few minor things I noticed, nothing game-breaking:

- You can walk over some of the water and wall tiles in the cave in Gemburst(sp?) City.
- If you beat your rival and lose to Milotic, you have to fight your rival again. (Don't know if this was intentional or not)
-You can avoid the rival event but the game freezes if you talk to Milotic.
- In Everwind Park, there is an old man sprite that gives you moonstones if you keep asking. (maybe this was intentional?)
- This is really minor when the ship leaves from the park, it drives over some rocks.

UPDATE: Got the 3rd Badge. A few minor things:

- There's a gentleman in the Pokemon Center of Everwind City that freezes the game if you talk to him.
- In the Everwind Base, the game map is named Celadon Dept.
- You can get infinite Eevees from the Eevee event.
- There's a block impassable from the left side in front of the stairs on the first floor of the base.

Great job on the event in the Gym/Base. That took me by surprise.
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