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Quote originally posted by NainilJShah:
I use a Zigzagoon as my Surfer :D

And Cutlerine- a hint on where to find a Moon Stone please? D:
I've been searching everywhere for one x.x
Moon Stone is difficult to get to, but it's in Meteor Falls.

Quote originally posted by Raaxon:
Just beating up the Deadly 7 -9- whatever, and I love the fact one breaks the fourth wall by knowing that this is a hack game and what its called, and Adolv (whatever his name is) says OVER 9000! More or less.
The fourth wall doesn't really exist for the Deadly Seven. They address you as much as they address the player.

Quote originally posted by anugrah6:
actually i got an older version which had a bug so but my real problem is i am in fortree city and i got a mail from professor birch but by chance i skipped the whole so i don't know what to do
Go into the University of Film and look around...

Quote originally posted by cheatfreak23:
That made me remember, the Count person in Fortree who sells the pets, how do you use them or do you not get anything out of the pets? And as for the Flying type you recommended for Raaxon, I didnt know that weird grey alien thing was a Flying type, nor did I even know they were catchable.....
Well, now you know. You must have seen their fully-evolved form - Kenchukuo. It's the giant red thing with wings and a sword. One of the Deadly Seven uses it.

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