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Quote originally posted by Darkest Shade of Light:
The bit with the double battles happens when the opposing trainer has one pokémon. This'll be fixed soon.

For psychicboy: I'm not quite sure how I'm supposed to be helping you here when you've given me nothing to work with... PM me when possible and I'll explain further
Gah, I thought you were unable to work with me still :L

Quote originally posted by Drake(Elite Four):
Is there going to be any Elite Four members from the games like Drake from the Hoenn elite four is he going to be in it or are the elite four just custom people you are making up.
Another question I have is their going to be any other legendaries to get besides the legendary dogs you get at the start of the game?
Well yes, eventually there will be other legendaries. As for Drake and the rest of those guys... Well, you'll see, but don't expect to see them.

Quote originally posted by Shadowyoshi:
Got the 2nd Badge! I like the idea of the Battle Area in Mineral Town. Here's a few minor things I noticed, nothing game-breaking:

- You can walk over some of the water and wall tiles in the cave in Gemburst(sp?) City.
- If you beat your rival and lose to Milotic, you have to fight your rival again. (Don't know if this was intentional or not)
-You can avoid the rival event but the game freezes if you talk to Milotic.
- In Everwind Park, there is an old man sprite that gives you moonstones if you keep asking. (maybe this was intentional?)
- This is really minor when the ship leaves from the park, it drives over some rocks.

UPDATE: Got the 3rd Badge. A few minor things:

- There's a gentleman in the Pokemon Center of Everwind City that freezes the game if you talk to him.
- In the Everwind Base, the game map is named Celadon Dept.
- You can get infinite Eevees from the Eevee event.
- There's a block impassable from the left side in front of the stairs on the first floor of the base.

Great job on the event in the Gym/Base. That took me by surprise.
Ahh, finally someone who can really talk to me about certain bugs Glad you like the hack so far. It will only improve thanks to your bug notes.
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