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Quote originally posted by cheatfreak23:
Now, to my final two questions: A- What is the true purpose of the Mush Mask?

B- Can you turn the pets from the Count in Fortree City into Pokemon or not?
Take the pets from Count D's Pet Shop of Horrors to the Petmaster Dragon in Endless Plains in Fort Draco. The Mush Mask is the start of a long item chain that isn't quite finished yet.

Quote originally posted by Raaxon:
Oh, right! When does Secretegg evolve?
Level 43 exactly.

Quote originally posted by Raaxon:
Alright, cool. I love three-tier evolvers. The third level is always got good power. I dislike un-evolvers. Strong at first, until you get into the higher levels.

Also, I'm ashamed... To beat War for the first time, I have my Slugma with Chaos of Oden, and Insta-saved/loaded everytime I died so I could survive the hit every time.
Gasp. How... immoral Chaos of Oden is a really obscure reference, by the way. 40 points to anyone who gets it, and an explanation of what Broken Hearts are for.

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