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If we made the game I think it would be a mix of Pokemon and Fakemon. The three starters would be Fakemon, possibly a Kangaroo (fire), Platypus (water) and Echidna (grass).
And at the moment I am leaning towards Gen IV or Gen V tiles and graphics. Make it look new and cool. And we definately need more towns and cities.

Meanwhile, I'm going to post my ideas for all of the Gym Leaders soon.
I'm looking forward to your Gym Leader ideas!

We should make all-new tiles so you can instantly tell it's in Australia.
How do you make tiles?? And what would we do to make it more Australian? Of course the trees can be made into gum trees, and palm trees. And the grass can be alot greener, like more lust. What else?

Here are some sprites I put together, they are algamations of Gen IV and Gen V trainers. I wouldn't mind using the girl as the female hero, but recoloured. What do you guys think? Could they be part of the game?