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Alright, time for my first update!

Name: Espeon
Game: Sapphire
Time: 4:13
Badges: 2

~Started game; named myself Espeon.
~Picked Treecko as starter (named him Bullet).
~Beat Brendan and his Torchic fairly easily.
~Caught Zizgzagoon as HM/Pickup slave.
~Took FOREVER, but finaly captured Ralts on Route 102, whom I named Psyren.
~Grinded Psyren to Lv. 8.
~Reached Petalburg City; met Wally, helped him catch Ralts, etc. How come HE found one so easily? Not fair at all!
~First encounter with Team Aqua in Petalburg Woods; beat him easily.
~Arrived in Rustburo City; Got HM 01: Cut. Taught it to Ziggy.
~Beat Roxanne with some minor difficulty. Rock Tomb dealt quite a but of damage, so I had to use all my Potions. If it weren't for a lucky crtical hit in the end, I wouldn't have won.
~Defeated Team Aqua grunt and rescued Peeko/retrieved Devon Goods.
~Got a Pokenav from the President of Devon for returning said Goods. Got Steven's Letter to deliver.
~Arrived in Dewford Town thanks to hitching a ride from Mr. Briney. Delivered the letter to Steven and got HM 05: Flash from the Hiker.
~Unlike Roxanne, Brawly was defeated easily with Psyren's Confusion. The battle was literally a minute long.
~Sailed to Route 109; Bullet evolves into Grovyle.
~Arrived at Slateport City; Defeated Team Aqua at Slateport Museum.
~Delivered Devon Goods to Capt. Stern. Finally, our job as messenger is completed.
~Went to Route 110; Conquered the Trick House.
~Psyren evolves into Kirlia.
~Defeated Brendan for a second time, again, easily. He's not putting up much a fight.


Lv. 21
~Fury Cutter
~Quick Attack

Lv. 20
~Double Team
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