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Update 3.


After beating the Trick House, I traveled further up the route to find May catching Pokemon. I took her on, easily defeating her Pokemon with Speed the Swellow. I then journeyed on an arrived in Mauville City. After grinding for a bit in the west, I went to the gym to find Wally. I destroyed his rather weak Ralts with Intellect, my Kirlia. I then went into the gym.
The gym trainers all fell to the powerful Strength the Marshtomp. They couldn't do anything to him with their electric attacks. I then took on the Mauville gym leader, Watson. He was truly easy, obliderated by the sheer strength of Strength's Mud Shot. The badge was mine! After getting Rock Smash, I went to Vendanturf Town and smashed a boulder in Rusturf Tunnel. This particular boulder was blocking the man who dug the tunnel from his girlfriend, who is apparently Wally's cousin. She asked me to stop by their house, as did Wally's uncle when I beat Wally. I also received Strength from Wally's cousin's boyfriend. I went to their small little hut in Vendanturf, and Wally said he'd get better than me. Dream on, Wally.
I went back to Mauville and went to the route to the north of it after grinding some more. I easily defeated the trainers in that house there, and then traveled on. I was challenged to a double battle with an interviewer and a cameraman. I, as they said later, "Rolled them up, flattened them, and tossed them aside," With Strength and Speed. I then travelled on, eventually reaching Fiery Path. Fiery Path was no problem, except Speed got poisoned by a Koffing. After resting up at some old lady's house, I eventually reached Fallarbor Town.
Upon reaching Fallarbor, I heard rumors of Professor Cozmo being kidnapped by suspicous figures. Sounds like Team Magma! I rushed to Meteor Falls, defeating all trainers in my path (And evolving Intellect into Gradevoir in the process!), and found Team Magma running away from Team Aqua. Archie, the leader of team Aqua, recognized me as an enemy of Team Magma and introduced themselves. However, they were in hot pursuit of Team Magma, and left. After talking to the rescued Prof. Cozmo, I traveled on to find myself in Rustboro City.


"Intellect" the Gardvoir
-Shock Wave
-Calm Mind

"Strength" the Marshtomp @ Quick Claw
-Mud Shot
-Water Gun

"Speed" the Swellow @ Silk Scarf
-Wing Attack
-Secret Power
-Quick Attack


Y Team: Volcarona - Garchomp - Tyranitar - Starmie - Alakazam - Lucario
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