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Imagine playing a game set in the depths of Russia, with the memory of Communism still strong in the people's minds. Now imagine that the game is Pokémon and Team Unity is trying to change things back to the old regime. Welcome to Blood Star.

Team Unity are determined to bring back the "glory days" under the regime of old. Life is harder today for the common man, and they're going to do everything possible to fix it. If that means resurrecting their former leader, that's what they'll do. The worrying thing is that a lot of people sympathise with them. Do you?

You play as a young street urchin from the big city in central Kyosha. Your parents died when you were very young, and you've since been living in a local orphanage. One day, you're staring at graffiti on the orphanage wall when a kindly old man approaches you and introduces himself as the local professor. From there, your journey begins.

The region's diversity of different species of Pokémon is low, but instead, the normal ones have adapted to their surroundings.

In a Radioactive Area; Muk and Grimer that are green instead of purple, corrosive Magnemites that have obtained a poison typing, and so forth.

In a Snowy Area; Ursarings that have developed thick, snow-covered coats and are part Ice-type now. White Mightyenas, reminiscent of wolves.

Quest & Karma System
Are you going to help that little girl find her Skitty? Or will you spit in her face instead? You'll have numerous opportunities to earn plaudits, money or even a special reward, and every action has an impact on your karma. This will affect how people talk to you, and what future opportunities come your way.

DS Style 3D
Using Unity 3D, we're able to emulate the DS style of "2.5D" graphics, with sprites placed in a 3D environment. We'll have screens before Christmas.

Intuitive Interface
With the expanded screen space provided by Unity, we'll have a permanent interface that'll show active quests, status ailments and various other things without even needing to bring up the menu.


Preliminary region map
I've taken some liberties with geography, as ever, but 8 represents Moscow, 2 is St Petersburg, B is Kiev

Team Unity logo
It's meant to be a stylised Pokéball based on the old hammer & sickle

If you have any suggestions, please feel free to post them at our forum (linked in my signature), post here in this thread, or contact me via PM. Equally, if you want to join the team, join the forum and contact me there, or PM me here.
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