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Originally Posted by Xilfer123 View Post
Ok, thanks Will.

Trainer Card colour/background image: Mt.Morter in afternoon
Trainer Name: Xil
Trainer I.D.: 666
Money: 6000
Pokedex: Sinnoh 151
Play Time: 600 hours
Trainer Sprite: (Your own custom or an ingame sprite)
Pokemon 1: (Non-Shiny, Male)
Pokemon 2: (Non-Shiny, Male)
Pokemon 3: (Non-Shiny, Female)
Pokemon 4: (Non-Shiny, This Pokemon Is Genderless)
Pokemon 5: (Shiny, Male Of Course)
Pokemon 6: (Non-Shiny, Female)
Badges: sinnoh: 8 (and if you must know) isshu: 2, kanto: 8, johto: 7, Hoenn: 8

Please tell me if i misunderstood some questions.
Okay I will start now, I have been doing exams all day, now I'm finished!!
One question, what trainer sprite do you want? Do you want the Electric Sinnoh Gym Leader since he is in your avatar??

Okay I have finished it, it was quite challenging as I had to do all the text at the bottom of the card. Cropping in the Pokemon was no big deal, I had to also completely add transperancy to Volkner (btw if you don't want him I can easily change it!). So ta da!

If you want something changed just give me a shout and it will be done! Also I couldn't find sprites for the Gen V badges, or normal pics. Bulbapedia isn't loading for me so I couldn't check there.

Oh and give credit!
Also I have a favour to ask...
I have just started a new game on Pearl, and I am wondering if you have Chimchar or Piplup at a low level? If so I would be happy to do an IOU, or make you another Trainer Card or something. I only have one badge, so trading is out of the question...

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