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Quote originally posted by Sarcastic Prince:
This Hack is looking good so far, but there's one thing that you have to do.
And that is... change the ugly Ruby tiles. If you start a Ruby Hack, it's necessary to remove all existing Ruby tiles to either FR tiles or custom tiles.

If you ask 10 people about the Ruby tiles, about 9 of them will say that they're ugly. So please, if you want your Hack to be better, then change the tiles.
I disagree. Yes, the tiles are ugly as all hell. BUT! As you yourself pointed out, it IS a Ruby Hack. Hence, as the creator has already said, he wanted to keep the Ruby tiles because Hoenn should look like Hoenn. Also, I dont think its all that fair for you to tell him what to do - it is his hack and he'll make it to his specs, not yours.
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