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Quote originally posted by Sarcastic Prince:
This Hack is looking good so far, but there's one thing that you have to do.
And that is... change the ugly Ruby tiles. If you start a Ruby Hack, it's necessary to remove all existing Ruby tiles to either FR tiles or custom tiles.

If you ask 10 people about the Ruby tiles, about 9 of them will say that they're ugly. So please, if you want your Hack to be better, then change the tiles.
I don't love Ruby tiles, but I don't hate them. I personally believe they are equal to any other tiles, and I have no wish to remap the entire Hoenn region. Call me lazy, but that is how I feel, and I am very obstinate.

Quote originally posted by Raaxon:
Hey, guys. I've just gotten up to the Elite Four, and I managed to easily thrash all four (the lightning guy gave me some trouble, due to my lack of Ground moves), but the Champion is hard as... I need some more moves to help me. Hence, my question: Where do I find good TMs? Namely:

Earthquake x2
Sludge Bomb
Ice Beam/Blizzard
Fire BLast
And if there are any Dark type TMs that are any good, that as well.
Yeah... about that... Um, I forgot to put them in. But, now I've read this, I'm putting them in now! Really! I'll even give you their locations:

Ice Beam - Lilycove Sewers
Earthquake - Madio Caves
Blizzard - Frigid Way (the unachievable item; I've fixed it so you can get it)
Fire Blast - Hidden Item on Route 120

Sludge Bomb is already there, in Dewford Hall. You need to have given the man the cologne to get to it.

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