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Another update. Thank God someone posted lol.

  • First went to Solaceon Ruins to get Defog and a Fire Stone.
  • Grinded outside Lost Tower against Roselias to get Pyre to L24, when it learned Flamerthrower.
  • Armed with a real attack, went up Lost Tower, training Pyre to match the rest of my team.
  • Went east from Solaceon to Veilstone City.
  • Went to the gym, beat Maylene, who was pretty hard. Pyro was indispensable against Lucario. Forgot a screenshot.
  • After helping Dawn get her Pokedex back, Looker took me into the Warehouse, where I got Fly and taught it to Silver.
  • Flew back to Floarama Town and got the Pluck TM I forgot earlier, taught to Silver.
  • Made my way down to Pastoria City, home of the Great Marsh and my last team member, Skorupi. Had to change the date a couple times as Skorupi is a changing Pokemon.
  • Caught one at L28, Female with Careful Nature.
  • After rebattling the Eeveelution trainer a couple times and getting Dig (taught to Slasher), I was ready to challenge the gym...or so I thought.
  • Nolan showed up. I took care of him easily.

    He wasn't too difficult. Don't really remember much about the battle, though.

  • Healed up, then challenged the gym.
  • I was underleveled against Crasher Wake, but it was fine.

    Funny how Silver is always my final Pokemon in these screenshots...NOT!

  • After beating Crasher Wake, it was plot time.
  • I followed the Grunt and finally beat it down.
  • Cythia showed up with the SecretPotion, which I took to the Psyducks outside Rt 210.
  • Along with the Old Charm and Fluffy (Defog), I made my way to Celestic Town.
  • Beat the bomb-toting Grunt, then went inside the cave.
  • Cyrus shows up, wants to change the world. No wai!

    I actually lost once because I made stupid moves and switches. The second time was fine though. Silver again the final member out there.

  • Got Surf from the Elder, taught it to Zapp of course.
  • In Jubilife City, I got the Marking Map app for the Poketch, then Surfed to Canalave City.
  • On the bridge, Nolan, fresh from the Gym, wants to battle. Okay!

    Beat him pretty easily. Pyre is out there this time for Torterra.

  • Went to train in Iron Island before challenging the gym.
  • Am currently about to fight the Team Galatic Grunts there, but will do some grinding first to get my team up to L40 I think, so that Draken and Slasher will have evolved. Will use the Fire Stone on Pyre when she learn Extrasensory at L44 I think.
  • I'm gonna need another Heart Scale (have one right now) - Draipon for Ice Fang, Ninetales for Nasty Plot perhaps.

Team Jaskil:

Draken (Skorupi, F) - L39 @ Silver Powder
Nature: Careful, Ability: Battle Armor
Moves: Bug Bite, Acupressure, Poison Fang, Payback

Pyre (Vulpix, F) - L37
Nature: Bold, Ability: Flash Fire
Moves: Quick Attack, Confuse Ray, Will-O-Wisp, Flamethrower

Slasher (Anorith, M) - L36
Nature: Impish, Ability: Battle Armor
Moves: Return, Metal Claw, Rock Tomb, Dig

Zapp (Lanturn, M) - L38
Nature: Modest, Ability: Volt Absorb
Moves: Surf, Confuse Ray, Thunder Wave, Shock Wave

Silver (Skarmory, F) - L37 @ Amulet Coin
Nature: Adamant, Ability: Keen Eye
Moves: Pluck, Fly, Sand-Attack, Steel Wing

Worker2 (Bibarel, M) - L19
Nature: Careful, Ability: Unware
Moves: Rock Smash, Cut, Water Gun, Headbutt

In the box are Bill (Psyduck) with Flash and Fluffy (Piplup) with Defog.
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