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Remember me, Psychicboy? i couldn't battle that Alex guy in Beta 2 and I sent you my save file How's life?

I'm glad to see that you've managed to release Beta 3, I couldn't wait. I got Fly from Icefall Cave and then I have no damn idea how to solve the maze. Maybe you could post a spoiler of it for people who are absolutely stuck?
However, the hack is still awesome. I remember the part in Beta 2 where you got pwnt by Maria because she had the opposite typed legendary dog as you, so you had to train for a long time before you could take her on at the library. Also, have you fixed that bug where, if you go to Gemburst before you enter the base of Calypso, but AFTER you defeat the guy guarding the gate, you couldn't go in without Walk Through Walls because he was blocking the way?
There are still some tile errors. but they are minor and not worth mentioning, I guess. HOWEVER, there are a few notable glitches-

1) Near Icefall Cave you have to cross a bridge. When you cross it, the animation of the player looks like he is going UNDER the bridge, not OVER.
2) The damn PC glitch that you still haven't fixed D: I'll be desperately waiting for the fix, I've been catching lots to train when the glitch is fixed. However, you CAN access the Move Pokemon screen because it only shows your box and not your party with your box in the background.
3) A few single battles have been turned into weird double battles with some kind of Missingno as the second Pokemon. One is the guy with a Wooper on the way to Gemburst Town, I think. (Forgot which town it was)
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