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Quote originally posted by Grimfox:
Pft, it figures. xD

Well, I used a walk through walls code, and they're there, I was just wondering if there was an event or something between the 'Seven' fight and the first Inquisition Footman fight near the Pokecenter.
Quote originally posted by Tcoppy:
I had the same problem

and what do I do after the phone call where is the ship
I looked for the ship near dewford\slateport but a wooper keeps blocking it
OK guys, those zombies are part of an event that occurs when you return to Lilycove after beating the Inquisition there. I'm working on making them disappear properly now.

EDIT: Think I might have fixed it. Please read the description of the new IPS properly to ensure you do the correct thing, and then tell me if they disappear.

By the way, is it just that line of zombies that are there or are all the zombies in Lilycove there too?

Quote originally posted by cheatfreak23:
Awesome. Cant wait for the game to be done. Im having so much fun, Im tempted to delete my save file and start over.

EDIT: Also, Im wondering if the Fossil Maniac Maze thing is close to finished since I cant seem to find my way around in there or find the "hidden treasure".
The Fossil Maniac Maze is done, but I got very carried away when making it. It's needlessly huge and complex for one item.

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