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Pretty big update on Platinum.


  • Trudged to Snowpoint City, which is ALWAYS annoying. Hail is the most hated move ever.
  • Picked up Rock Climb, taught to Worker2.
  • In Snowpoint, it was time to challenge the gym.

    Ended up using my whole team here because I didn't use items and Hail was evident throughout. Also used Pyre last as she was the highest on my team. One Flamethrower and Abomasnow was done.

  • Rock Climbed to Lake Acuity to see Jupiter escape.
  • Flew to Pastoria for the Move Relearner and taught Draken Ice Fang and Pyre Nasty Plot.
  • TM time as well. Earthquake, Rock Slide and X-Scissor to Slasher, Poison Jab to Draken.
  • Flew to Veilstone to take on TG.
  • Looker unlocked the Warehouse for me and I eventually found the Galatic Key.
  • Went back to the HQ and cleared it out. Second fight against Cyrus.

    Silver killed most of the foes before Pyre finished up.

    Then I fought Saturn again. Same thing - Silver killed most of em, then Pyre cleaned up.

  • After freeing the Lake trio, it was time to try and stop TG in Mt. Coronet.
  • After climbing the mountain, I reached the Sky Pillar, where Jupiter and Mars were waiting for me. Nolan showed up to help me, not that I needed it.

    Silver went down to repeated damage, then Slasher came in and finished it. Nolan lost Munchlax and Rapidash.

  • Cyrus summoned Dialga and Palkia.
  • GIRATINA!!!!!
  • Pretty cool cutscene, although it has nothing on Emerald.
  • Cynthia showed up, and we followed the lake trio into the Distortion World.
  • Navigated it pretty easily, having done it a couple time before.
  • Finally caught up to Cyrus, who after ranting and raving, was up for a battle.

    This was hard because I led with Silver and she was OHKOed by Houndoom's flamethrower. I should have switched out, and because I didn't, her presence was sorely missed later. She would have been very useful against Crobat, his final Pokemon. After healing Draken a few times due to confusion damage, I was able to push through and send Cyrus off in a fit of mad rage.

  • Then it was time to kill Giratina.

    It wasn't easy, but after Zapp Parafused him before being taken down, Draken Paybacked him for the KO.

  • After leaving the Distortion World and reappearing in the Sendoff Spring, I flew back to Sandgem.
  • Proceeded to hunt down the Lake trio. "Saw" Mespirit and killed Uxie and Azelf.
  • After some TM hunting for Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, Psychic (sold), U-Turn, and Roost (taught to Silver), I went to Sunnyshore City.
  • Bought some Seals.
  • Found Volkner in the Lighthouse (irresponsible cur).
  • Beat the gym pretty easily.

    Slasher almost swept Volkner with Earthquake. He doesn't have the speed to sweep this gym though as he isn't a ground type. Pyre was in there for his last one, Luxray. Finally shook off the paralysis to beat him.

  • Got the Waterfall HM from Jasmine.
  • Taught Strength to Draken and Waterfall to Bibarel (forgot Strength).
  • Got some items with Waterfall - Dragon Claw TM, Stone Plate, the Orbs (sold), and some others.
  • Bought a bunch of vitamins for my Pokemon. Zapp got an Effort Ribbon upon entering Sunnyshore, but the others were a ways off it seems.

Am about to Surf to Victory Road from Sunnyshore.

Team Jaskil:

Draken (Drapion, F) - L49 @ Poison Barb
Nature: Careful, Ability: Battle Armor
Moves: Strength, Ice Fang, Poison Jab, Crunch

Pyre (Ninetales, F) - L48 @ Mind Plate
Nature: Bold, Ability: Flash Fire
Moves: Extrasensory, Confuse Ray, Nasty Plot, Flamethrower

Slasher (Armaldo, M) - L51 @ Soft Sand
Nature: Impish, Ability: Battle Armor
Moves: Return, X-Scissor, Rock Slide, Earthquake

Zapp (Lanturn, M) - L49 @ Splash Plate
Nature: Modest, Ability: Volt Absorb
Moves: Surf, Confuse Ray, Thunder Wave, Discharge

Silver (Skarmory, F) - L48 @ Iron Plate
Nature: Adamant, Ability: Keen Eye
Moves: Steel Wing, Fly, Night Slash, Roost

Worker2 (Bibarel, M) - L19
Nature: Careful, Ability: Unware
Moves: Rock Smash, Cut, Rock Climb, Waterfall

In the box are Bill (Psyduck) with Flash and Fluffy (Piplup) with Defog.

Slasher's moveset is really good. I also like Parafusion Zapp, although I'm gonna teach Ice Beam and Thunderbolt, so one of those status moves has to go. I am thinking about teaching U-turn to Draken as well (forget Strength), although I'm not sure if that is gonna happen Return to Draken (can't learn U-Turn). Swords Dance is an interesting idea as well.

Edit: Update #2: Beat the Elite Four and Cynthia to finish the challenge!

From Sunnyshore to becoming the Champion:
  • Surfed to Victory Road.
  • Made my way through it pretty easily. No real challenges here.
  • Upon reaching the building, healed up and flew to Canalave City to have Draken forget Strength for Return.
  • Geared up for the final rival fight against Nolan!

    I actually went through my whole team here. Pulled out Pyre at the end, and she took care of Heracross and then finished off Staraptor, who had used U-Turn at the beginning, with a Flamethrower for the win.

  • Now it was time to face the Elite Four:
  • First up was Aaron with his Bug Pokemon.

    Went through my whole team here as well. Vespiqueen got set up on me and Silver couldn't finish it. Pyre was my last Pokemon again, and it would have been easier if I had used her more.

  • Next up was Bertha and her Ground-Types:

    Zapp's problem here is that he is weak to Ground, and the only other Pokemon on my team who has a super-effective move is Draken with Ice Fang, and he is weak to Ground as well. Needless to say I had a tough time, and but was able to push through with Pyre again as my last Pokemon. She survived an Earthquake from Gliscor while using Nasty Plot, then finished him off with Flamethrower.

  • At this point, I was running out of Revives (9 left here) and I resolved to keep my Pokemon alive more. Didn't Revive Silver for this one.
  • Next up was Flint with his Fire team:

    I had a much easier time here. Zapp went down to Infernape after paralyzing him, and Slasher EQ for the KO. When Rapidash came out, I switched to Pyre and used Nasty Plot three times. Extrasensory killed Rapidash, Flareon (after healing), and OHKOed Magmortar after a Thunderbolt was not enough to kill Pyre.

  • Lucian was next with Psychic Pokemon:

    I was finally able to use Draken effectively here, and this really weas the only battle he participated well in. He took care of Mr. Mime, then switched for Slasher when Brongzong came out. X-Scissor was good for him, and because Earthquake was being used I didn't switch in Pyre. Ended up not using her at all. After Brongzong finally went down, Silver took down Gallade with Fly, and Draken Crunched Alakazam and Espeon for the win.

  • Now that I had beaten the Elite Four, the Champion was next.
  • Cynthia is by far the toughest Champion that I have faced, especially in Platinum due to one new Pokemon, Togekiss replacing Gastrodon. Lance is a close second if your team can't handle Dragons.
  • First I taught Stone Edge to Slasher, even though I ended up never using it. I also didn't teach Zapp Ice Beam because there would have been no chance to use it against Garchomp, who OHKOs with EQ.
  • Here comes Cynthia with her team of OU/Uber Pokemon:

    Wow. This was by far the most unsatisfying Champion battle I have been a part of. I had to PP stall Garchomp's EQ because it was OHko or 2hKO on every one of my Pokemon except Silver, who was taken with Flamethrower.
    Well, first I lost.
    Then I used the 7 Rare Candies I had in my bag, and led with Pyre. She set up three Nasty Plots and I healed her, then took down Spiritomb with Flamethrower and then got really lucky when Milotic came out. The first Extrasensory only did about 60%, but Milotic flinched, so Pyre was able 2HKO her without taking a hit. Garchomp came out and EQ for the KO. I thought Pyre would be able to outspeed him, but no luck there.Put out Slasher, and after an EQ (60%)/X-Scissor (20%) exchange, I switched to Silver, and curiously Cythia switched to Togekiss. I switched in Zapp, who nullified the Shock Wave, and eventually Thunderbolt 2HKOed Togekiss after I healed Slasher. Roserade came out and killed Zapp with Energy Ball, then Silver beat her with Fly. Garchomp came back out and Flamethrower took Silver down. At this point I have two Pokemon left - Slasher and Draken. Draken couldn't survive an Earthquake to use Ice Fang, so I had to PP stall with Slasher. I got a few X-scissors in when Garchop missed with Dragon Rush a couple times. Then came a big break for me. After I healed Slasher once, Cythia switched to her final Pokemon, Lucario. Slasher did 95% with Earthquake, and Lucario missed with Stone Edge, which may or may not have OHKOed Slasher. Cynthia then used her last Full Restore, which ment she didn't have one to use on Garchomp (Thank God!). Slasher EQ twice for the KO, then proceeded to PP stall Garchomp until EQ ran out and Dragon Rushes started coming. Slasher got Garchomp down to a sliver before fianally going down. Draken came in and survived a Giga Impact, then finally took the win with Crunch. It was finally over.

    The Hall of Fame.

If you could add me to the Champions list that would be great :D.

Team Jaskil (Final):

Draken (Drapion, F) - L53 @ Poison Barb
Nature: Careful, Ability: Battle Armor
Moves: Return, Ice Fang, Poison Jab, Crunch

Pyre (Ninetales, F) - L56 @ Mind Plate
Nature: Bold, Ability: Flash Fire
Moves: Extrasensory, Confuse Ray, Nasty Plot, Flamethrower

Slasher (Armaldo, M) - L56 @ Soft Sand
Nature: Impish, Ability: Battle Armor
Moves: Return, X-Scissor, Stone Edge, Earthquake

Zapp (Lanturn, M) - L55 @ Splash Plate
Nature: Modest, Ability: Volt Absorb
Moves: Surf, Confuse Ray, Thunder Wave, Thunderbolt

Silver (Skarmory, F) - L53 @ Fly Plate
Nature: Adamant, Ability: Keen Eye
Moves: Steel Wing, Fly, Night Slash, Roost

HM slaves are above.

Most Valuable Pokemon:
Gyms MVP: Zapp
Elite Four MVP: Pyre
Best Moveset: Slasher (1a), Zapp (1b, Parafusion FTW)
LVP: Draken
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