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Finished Gold! Hoenn region is next.

  • Fixed the Power Plant after beating the TR dude.
  • Went up to the psuedo-Nugget Bridge.
  • Interuppted Misty's date.
  • Challenged the Cerulean Gym.

    Royal swept Misty. Hypnosis + Dream Eater (which healed) and Shadow Ball were too much.

  • Went back east to the Rock Tunnel.
  • Reached Lavender Town and got the Expn Card.
  • Beat all the treiners along the coast to Fuschis City.
  • Flew to Vermilion, killed the Snorlax.
  • Went through Diglett's Cave to Pewter City.
  • Challenged the Rock Gym.

    Fangor swept Brock. Surf FTW.

  • Went over to Mt. Moon.
  • Kris showed up, his mindset seemingly changed.

    His team wasn't any better, though.

  • After reaching Cerulean again, I Flew back to Pewter and went south to Viridian and Pallet Town.
  • Surfed to Cinnabar Island, talked to Blue, then surfed east to the ravaged Seafoam Islands.

    Swept Blaine with Fangor. Again, Surf FTW.

  • After Surfing to Fuschia, I Flew back to Viridian for the final gym Badge.
  • Just Blue in the gym.

    I was a bit underleveled, but I still beat him pretty easily. Think I had to heal once, but don't really remember. Biff was my last Pokemon though.

  • Then I grinded against the E4 a few times, got my team up to L60.
  • Talked to Prof. Oak, who got me into Mt. Silver.
  • Climbed Mt. Silver (which is a LOT less complicated than in the Gen IV remakes).
  • Found Red!

    Really underleveled here. Had to use all four of my Max Revives. Hyper Beam missed once and Cross Chop missed twice against Snorlax, and if they had hit I wouldn't have had such a hard time. Espeon was my bane here beause Royal and Biff are both OHKO to Psychic, and Shadow Ball failed to OHKO Espeon. Royal ate Venusaur's dream for the win.

Hoenn region up next on...Sapphire!

Team Wes (Final):

Biff (Machamp, F) - L60 @ Soft Sand
Moves: Cross Chop, Earthquake, Thunderpunch, Vital Throw

Royal (Gengar, M) - L60 @ Nevermeltice
Moves: Hypnosis, Shadow Ball, Ice Punch, Dream Eater

Fangor (Gyarados, F) - L61 @ Amulet Coin
Moves: Headbutt, Bite, Surf, Hyper Beam

And the HM slaves. Psyduck was the only one with me against Red, as Waterfall and Flash are the only HMs needed for Mt. Silver. The rest were boxed.

Splash (Psyduck, M) - L21
Moves: Whirlpool, Waterfall, Flash, Confusion

Kenya (Spearow, F) - L10 (boxed)
Moves: Peck, Growl, Leer, Fly

Manny (Geodude, F) - L6 (boxed)
Moves: Tackle, Defense Curl, Rock Smash, Strength

Leaf (Chikorita, M) - L12 (boxed)
Moves: Reflect, Cut, Razor Leaf, Flash
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