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Quote originally posted by Lugiaz Soul:
Any cool things you want to show us?
At the moment, not really, no.
I've been working on Shining Opal because my schedule's like this:
Work on CrystalDust
Release CrystalDust
Wait for bugs to be announced
Fix bugs
Work on Shining Opal
Release Shining Opal
Wait for bugs to be announced
Fix bugs

I'm at the bolded stage.
Quote originally posted by Nintendork15:
Oh My Gosh!

This is so awesome ^ -^
I like how it all fits together with scripts and stuff
i like the Dude Back sprite u put in
and the music is awesome

Beta 2 will be one for the history books

But on another note
When i battle silver for the first time
Outside of battle it says "???:<speech here>"
Then in battle it calls silver ??
I know its not much :/ just thought u'd like to know
anyways you rock!
Thanks for the comment!
But, it doesn't refer to Silver outside of battle at all...
It just says his speech.
And in-battle, in the first battle, he's called ???.

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