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Originally Posted by Tropical Sunlight View Post
Again, I'm speechless.
This is one of the best ideas ever :D

You could also include Poison Trap (that inflicts a status problem), I guess.
But it's not a very original idea.

Oh and I hope you plan to replace Potions and Ethers with natural items, such as fruits, berries and plants.
*blushes* Thank you...though of course, I owe plenty to PMD for the ideas XD

Status problem Traps are an issue because there doesn't seem to be any way to do them simply through scripting - they'd require ASM, which is beyond my capabilities '

And I did just that - all those man-made items have been suitably renamed. Hyper Potions in the above post, for example, are known as Prikear Berries (after the prickly-pear fruit) in-game. XD Most items are renamed after a Berry, but some that just don't fit that mold find inspiration in other natural sources - the Macho Brace becomes "Heavy Log" (though I can't imagine much EV Training going on in this game XD ); EXP Share is a "Forget-me-Not," and the Shell Bell becomes a Bluebell, for example.
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