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Thankyou everyone for the replies and the critisism, I will now answer some of your questions.

Question: Why is your character 15?
Answer: Well this is because I would like to have a romance between him and his friend, and I thought back to Ash being 10, and romance doesn't seem as serious, so I thought older. There may be a reason story-wise, like his parents are really protective, or I dunno.

Question: And why Arceus is starting a war?
Answer: I really want to bring Team Galactic into that. With Cyrus wanting to create his own universe, and Arceus feeling that some trainers are no longer placing themselves as equals with Pokemon, but as their masters (which is un-true). I want to bring the Distortion World into it, and at the very end I would like to have Arceus pulling legendary Pokemon out of the real world and into the Distortion World. Remember this is still very early in production and I still have to think up somethings.

I am even thinking of bringing Riley in as the 'Brock' of the series, but I am still debating that too.

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