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Hm... traps, eh? Ah... those memories of the Traps in the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon games. So they have made a return, eh? Wonderful! I do remember the trap that appeared in that last video you showed us all. As I see those traps are modified to suit the game's engine, I see.

Just to correct some of the names of the traps... it aren't called a "Slowpoke Trap" I'm pretty sure it was called a "Slow Trap".
And the Uplift Trap is actually called a "Wonder Tile".

And I'm sorry if I'm correcting things out for you, I do understand if it is your decission to have the names different.

But here's a suggestion:
Maybe you could change the name of "Exit Trap" to "Exit Tile" instead?

Oh and also... if you'd like... you could add a Poison Trap as well... so that a Pokémon would become poisoned if you stepped on it.
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