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Well nothing much to say, I'm a PoKeMon fan like most of you and always wanted to be able to enjoy the pokemon gameplay with friends building an actual competition. Since I got the knowledge needed to do it, I decided to start this game in Java with my irl best friend.
Since I'm actually programming it in Java and not using a simple game maker I need to start from the main game engine, therefore the time to think in a story line didn't reach yet.

Developing Team:
Xavier [Game Engine Developer] (me)

-What I actually do is programm the game engine.
Mika [Content Developer] (my best friend)

-As content developer he makes projects, concepts, ideas and other work not related to programming.

(What we aim to have, and not the current progress!)

- Multi player
- 386 Pokemons available (till Deoxys).
- New maps, tiles and objects.
- Full pokemon trading, quests
- Playable in the website and on most OSs (PC, Mac, and Linux).
- Interfaces and gameplay similar to the GameBoy games.
(this will be updated as we get more ideas)


Interfaces and basic gender selection added:

Using my map editor:

Chatbox, buttons, hovering effects:

When I added walking:



Male/Female Chars

Started with interfaces:

Most of these pics are outdated now!

Old Login Screen:

When I added the shoutbox:

Added Names above heads

When I got Login and worldmap rendering working : )

My map editor

Old Map Editor


Since our developing team is creating everything and ripping everything we need from the ROMs ourselves the only person we would need to give Credits (company in this case) are Nintendo/Creatures Inc./GAME FREAK Inc.
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