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Quote originally posted by JakeyBoy:
He was basically the polar opposite of Shukov - had no pride whatsoever, which gave me the idea.
...Of course my English teacher last year told me all this, but whatever =P. He would be more the rival that follows you about, mooching off your success, and stabbing you in the back when you appear to be losing. It was a joke, really, seeing as it was about the closest I've come to studying Russian history.

The ball thing was a reference to this.
Well, that might work actually. I might Anglicize it a bit, though.

And I'll have you know that I've had that going round in my head for two days. xD I am the man who arrrrranges the blocks...
Quote originally posted by Ravecat:
By the leaders, I meant that during the revolution different Soviets were set up in different towns.

The Soviets could be represented by Gyms, where you can go in and challenge the leader.
Oh, alright. That's pretty neat, actually. I might work with that. :3
Quote originally posted by koby1:
I see the mental image, hmm this is very interesting, it would be awesome if anyone could pull it off.
Thanks! :3
Quote originally posted by PoKeNation2010:
Will this be multiplayer and online?
Um. Probably not. O.o
Quote originally posted by elarmasecreta:
I like the region, but I was just wondering, where'd the starter town be?
Eight. Follow the route numbers to see how I imagined it working.
Quote originally posted by Colbex:
You could also have the gym leaders represent allies and/or enemies of russia during the time... like, maybe a gym leader named Dwight. (as in Dwight Eisenhower), or Kai-Shek (as in Chinese/Taiwanese leader Chiang Kai-Shek)

o.o just a thought...
Hm, that might work. Again, I'll definitely consider it.


Nothing on Unity? I'll assume that because no-one's moaned, everyone's happy with the idea. xD
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