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Update 7:

I beat the Elite Four!

Will was pretty easy: Pinsir and Mismagius managed to take care of him pretty much between them, with a cameo from Toxicroak who nearly took down Exeggutor in one Poison Jab (he likes a challenge) but then fell to Psychic.

Koga was an absolute cinch, as he always is. Girafarig nailed Ariados. Toxicroak then completely obliterated Forretress with Focus Blast, Omastar took down Crobat and Girafarig finished the rest off.

Bruno was entertainingly easy; Hitmontop has no moves that could hit Mismagius as she has Levitate, so while Hitmontop was Digging his way to complete futility, Mismagius took the opportunity to set up with numerous Charge Beams. By the time Hitmontop went down, Mismagius' Sp.Atk was so ridiculously high that she OHKOd the rest of Bruno's team!

After a timely Max Ether to Charge Beam, I moved onto Karen, who presented more of a problem than she ever has done before - I usually find her quite simple. First of all Toxicroak destroyed Umbreon before he had a chance to Double Team/Confuse. He then took down Murkrow with Nasty Plot/Focus Blast, before Houndoom nailed him and Dragonair AND Pinsir with Nasty Plot/Dark Pulse - some critted. Omastar sorted him out with Surf, before Mismagius swept up Vileplume and Gengar.

Lance was tricky, as ever. I led with Mismagius, who took down Gyarados with Charge Beam in one. Aerodactyl was next, and was somehow even faster than Mismagius, OHKOing her with a crit Crunch before Mismagius could Charge Beam again. Omastar finished Aero off with Surf, but not before Thunder Fang dealt him a bit of damage.

Dragonite1 was next - the one with Thunder. Out went Omastar for Pinsir. He used Rock Tomb to take down Dragonite's Speed but was paralyzed by Thunder Wave; cue an exchange of missed Dragon Rushes and paralysis/missed Rock Tombs before eventually Pinsir succumbed to Thunder. Omastar was back in, and took Dragonite1 down with Ice Beam. Dragonite2 came in afterwards, leading with Dragon Rush against my Dragonair (OHKO) before being murdered in one by Omastar's Ice Beam.

Then came Dragonite3, the really tough one. I switched out Omastar, because I knew if he died my team was screwed. I sent in Girafarig, who sacrificed herself to Full Restore Omastar. I then sent in Toxicroak, who sacrificed most of his health to Max Revive Mismagius, and then went down trying to Poison Jab the dragon. Omastar came back in and OHKOd the bugger with Ice Beam. Charizard was last up, and he used a pathetic Air Slash before being OHKOd by AncientPower.

Hurrah! I was Champion, thanks mainly to Mismagius and Omastar. Next up, Kanto!

The Team:

Croagunk, Male, Relaxed, Lv.46
Poison Jab, Brick Break, Focus Blast, Nasty Plot
Impressions: Useful, although not as devastating as I'd thought he would be against Karen. Used his high HP to turn the tide against Lance, too.

Omastar, Male, Mild, Lv.48
AncientPower, Mud Shot, Ice Beam, Surf
Impressions: Absolutely the MVP of the Elite Four. I'd never have done it without him. He saved me not only against Lance, but also in a tricky situation against Karen's Houndoom.

Mismagius, Female, Docile, Lv.48
Confuse Ray, Charge Beam, Shadow Ball, Dark Pulse
Impressions: A close second to Omastar, if only because she didn't do so much against Lance. She solo'd Bruno though, and killed most of Will's team too.

Girafarig, Female, Sassy, Lv. 46
Zen Headbutt, Psychic, Crunch, Strength
Impressions: Handy to have around, although outclassed by the above three. Should be useful in Kanto.

Dragonair, Male, Adamant, Lv.45
Thunder Wave, Dragon Rush, Aqua Tail, Extremespeed
Impressions: Frankly, did nothing in the Elite Four except die against Lance (perhaps unsurprisingly). Waiting for him to become a Dragonite... only 10 levels...

Pinsir, Male, Quiet, Lv.45
X-Scissor, Swords Dance, Rock Tomb, Brick Break
Impressions: Not as good as I'd hoped. I thought he'd take down Will single-handedly, but I was surprised when he led with Xatu who hurt Pinsir a lot. I then thought he'd do the trick against Karen, but again disappointed.
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