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Originally Posted by Pokestick, good times. View Post
Yeah, you really get the feeling you want to read the next part xD
And I'm getting the feeling that this arc will release some Isshin back story... >:3
The humour is awesome, pure Kubo style!

...Hell Arc fit-in one shot? Yes please :D:D:D:D:D:D:D
I concur about the spoiler contents. XD

Also, I have a Zanpakuto ready!

Zanpakuto Name; Odoriku (Dancer)
Type; (Kido, Melee, an Element, etc.) Eh, enhancement. If that makes sense. :D
Zanpakuto Spirit; Think a tango dancer or something. XD Probably somewhat similar to Bartz's dancer class from Final Fantasy V, but less flamboyant. XD
Release Command; Okonou! (Perform!)
Shikai Details; When I release my Shikai, the sword snaps in two, and each piece reforms into a pair gloves that cover my hands. After being released, a random song out of 6 songs is chosen. This song is projected audibly for everyone in battle to hear. When I fight, if I fight in the rhythm of the song, my shikai will boost my strength and speed temporarily. If I keep up the rhythm well enough, my speed and strength can effectively stay at the increased rate. The downside, however, is that the opponent can figure this out and throw off my rhythm and reduce my strength. The trick to mastering this ability is to balance the strength and speed of following the rhythm and breaking it in order to throw the opponent of their guard.
Bankai Name; It doesn't have a seperate name, as the point of my bankai is to catch the opponent off guard, so calling out a new name would tip them off.
Bankai Details; There are two effects I can choose from: first, I can make the song audible only to myself, so that my opponent can't immediately throw me off, and I can change the song at will, further keeping me in control of the battle. The other effect is that I can choose different songs to be heard by different combatants, so as to try and trick them, especially if the different songs are still somewhat similar. Also, the degree at which following the rhythm increases my prowess is higher than that of my shikai.