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Originally Posted by Mr. X View Post
...I feel kinda stupid now. I remember reading that a while back but i had thought that that was supposed to be done the next time you went through the sub.

And i might as well say this now but... 'Tis a liquid of some sort is really epic. I laughed at that but didn't really understand until the part were you have to rescue Gleis.

One question though... Did Usher kill everyone on the sub? I've read the diary entries and the sub status and im kinda thinking that he killed everyone.
Actually, the 'Tis a liquid of some sort text was originally put there because something I did caused the original text, The water is a deep blue, to lose the 'T' and become he water is a deep blue. I then realised how apt it was after creating the orangeade sequence.

As for Usher and the sub: their past is due to be revealed by more hidden things in the S.S. Cangrejo in future visits. But since you ask, I'll just say that the entirety of the S.S. Cangrejo (which, if you haven't already picked it up, means 'crab' in Spanish) is a massively extended reference to:
Perhaps that will give you some idea of what happened to the submarine.

Well done for finding the password for the computers, by the way. I think most people just talk to the first computer and then ignore the rest.

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