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Just out of curiosity's sake, Cutlerine, you mentioned something about a Chikowa (or something) that you need to have before beating someone? D: Is that in the current hack? 'Cause I thought it might have been, but I'm not sure now... 'Cause my egg hatched into Mysteryegg and it still only has 1 HP + Wonder Guard.

Also, I decided to start again and grab a bunch of hacked pokemon and get some hacked TMs. So, my team as it stands now is:

Mysteryegg: Shadow Ball, Earthquake, Psychic, Tackle
Zigzagoon: Tackle, Headbutt, Surf, Shadow Ball,
Corphish: Bubble, Water Pulse, Blizzard, Vicegrip
Paras: Cut, Giga Drain, Stun Spore, Poison Powder
Kenchira: Toxic, Rolling Kick, Mach Punch, Earthquake
Torchic: Scratch, Ember, Fire Blast, Focus Energy

I was slightly annoyed when I tried to generate a Cacnea and found Kenchira. And Houndour and Murkrow were, of course, replaced by their zombie forms. I'm thinking I might toss out Paras and generate a new grass type... And can I ask what pokemon does Shinx replace?

Quote originally posted by cheatfreak23:
In your Screenshots section, 3rd column of pictures, its the next to last pic, the one where it says 'What should GIRATINA do?' and he's facing a Lvl 48 Dragon (green Charizard).
No, no, that's a Dragon, not a Dragoone. I'd assume they're two different things. I'm currently training up a Zigzagoon - once it becomes a Dragoone, I'll screenshot and post.

Though, someone else who already has one could post?
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