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Originally Posted by Ragnia View Post
Alright i'm stuck... again. I just saved the atennae tree from Gleis's associate and I have no idea what to do next. I've beaten the fortree gym but haven't saved meteor's daughter yet. What should I do??

Oh and while i'm at i here are some new evolutions i've found:
Seviper-Sevilious or something like that
As everyone knows already Linoone-Dragoone
And I wonder if absol and masquerain and altaria have new evolutions. Hmmm?

Edit: Nevermind figured it out but I'm at Fort Draco and have no idea where to go now...
If you're at Fort Draco, go to the main hall and speak to Meteor to receive HM02 Fly, then defeat Meteor in the Training Hall in order to receive the Knight's Emblem, which lets you use it. Return to Lilycove as Birch instructs.

For the stats, see the bottom of the post.

Originally Posted by cheatfreak23 View Post
@DarkSceptile: That's Dragoone? Then what the hell was I looking at? I know I was looking at the black skinned dragon looking thing that was named 'Giratina', but I havent the foggiest as to what it really is or how to get it.
My first beta tester has a sense of humour, and called a very weak Pokémon 'Giratina'. It turned out to evolve into the immensely powerful [insert Fakemon name that totally gives away what it evolves from] - who I'm powering down in the next update.

Originally Posted by Raaxon View Post
Just out of curiosity's sake, Cutlerine, you mentioned something about a Chikowa (or something) that you need to have before beating someone? D: Is that in the current hack? 'Cause I thought it might have been, but I'm not sure now... 'Cause my egg hatched into Mysteryegg and it still only has 1 HP + Wonder Guard.

I was slightly annoyed when I tried to generate a Cacnea and found Kenchira. And Houndour and Murkrow were, of course, replaced by their zombie forms. I'm thinking I might toss out Paras and generate a new grass type... And can I ask what pokemon does Shinx replace?
Mysteryegg changes in the next update. Be sure to evolve it before then.

Shinx replaces Electrike.

And believe me, Kenchukuo, when your Kenchira evolves, far outclasses Cacturne. Oddly enough, he learns a way better moveset via level-up than your hacked one has.

Originally Posted by DonMoosavi View Post
Congratulations on HOW! Great to see this hack being recognized...

Two pokemon's stats I would like to know are gigawolf's (is it same as zoroark?)
And Hombone.

Gigawolf was created long before anything but a few pictures of Zoroark existed online, so I made it up entirely based on Mightyena's stats. It's a joke, really, though even I'm not sure what it's about.

Anyway, stats:

  • HP - 80
  • ATK - 115
  • DEF - 80
  • SP ATK - 85
  • SP DEF - 80
  • SPD - 100
Abilities: Poison Point/Swift Swim

  • HP - 80
  • ATK - 125
  • DEF - 70
  • SP ATK - 70
  • SP DEF - 80
  • SPD - 95
Ability: Immunity

  • HP - 80
  • ATK - 110
  • DEF - 65
  • SP ATK - 110
  • SP DEF - 75
  • SPD - 80
Ability: Shed Skin

  • HP - 85
  • ATK - 112
  • DEF - 70
  • SP ATK - 100
  • SP DEF - 70
  • SPD - 93
Abilities: Intimidate/Limber

  • HP - 72
  • ATK - 80
  • DEF - 95
  • SP ATK - 20
  • SP DEF - 45
  • SPD - 15
Abilities: Hyper Cutter/Intimidate

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