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Sorry for triple post (you meanies who won't post a review and make me wonder if my writing is terrible), but I am finished with Chapter 6 and 7.

Without further ado...

Pokemon: The Almia Conspiracy

Chapter Six

Zack awoke slowly, eventually revealing his new dorm room to his eyes. For a second his half-awake brain wondered what the incessant buzzing on the table next to his bed was, until he woke up a little more and realized his phone was trying to notify him of a text message that had come in.

He picked up the phone and opened the message from Data:

I figured you’d be up by now. Yesterday I got threatened by Mr. Tyler because I told him I didn’t want to be in target practice! Director Quigley came in and saved me though. I’m getting ready for school now.

Zack hurriedly typed and sent a response, and pulled on his clothes for the day before putting on his backpack and heading out the door. When he finally got down to the food court, he bought a cinnamon bun from Cinnabon and headed over to where Data was sitting, with his Porygon-X floating beside him, which snuck some of Data’s breakfast quesadilla while he wasn’t looking.

“Hey, Zack.” Data said, as Zack sat down in the seat next to him.

“Why are you so upset? I mean, I get it that you could have technically died yesterday, but shouldn’t you be celebrating that you’re not?” Zack asked him.

“I guess you’re right.” He replied, finishing up his quesadilla and his water.

“Off to class, then!” Zack exclaimed and got up to throw away his cinnamon bun wrappings and then to head off to Mrs. Stephens’ class.

Data got up and told his Porygon-X to throw away his quesadilla wrappings, and it floated away to the trash can with the paper in its pseudo-hands. When it had floated back to him, he walked off in the same direction that Zack took a few seconds before.

Meanwhile, Tyler Kincaid and about 20 students were boarding a plane in Pueltown.

“Identification, please,” the lazy airport guard said, slowly extending out his hand for Tyler’s ID.

He gave the man a fake ID to disguise himself, and the guard waved him through without looking very much at all at the ID.

They boarded the plane and sat silently until they reached their destination, Jubilife City, Sinnoh.

Arceus could sense trouble. As it was slumbering in the Hall of Origin, it kept feeling its stomach sink when Dialga and Palkia were captured by the Sinis Trio. It also knew that Tyler and his minions were on their way to destroy him and the lake trio. But Arceus did not fear, because it was confident in its strength.

Meanwhile, at the academy, Hikaru Ayase was still having trouble finding his way around the campus, to the point of him getting lost in one of the mazes that one of the teachers used for a Tactics class.

“Ugh! How in the world am I supposed to find my way out of this ma-“ Hikaru began to exclaim, but there was a huge explosion about a yard away from him that startled him.

“What the heck was that?! Unngh…” he asked bewilderedly, and then fainted on the ground.

“Are you alright, Hikaru? Hikaru? Hikaru?” Mr. Stephens seemed to say from afar.

“Wha… Who…” Hikaru said groggily.

“Hey, he’s waking up!” Zack exclaimed.

“Hikaru, wake up!” the teacher said, which the other students turned into a chant.

After about 5 rounds of them chanting “Hikaru, wake up!” he sat bolt upward suddenly with a blank expression.

“Looks like he accidentally inhaled some of the gas from that explosion we caused when we were battling. I’ve gotta go get the nurse. You guys, go get Mrs. Stephens and get her to finish up your class.” Mr. Stephens said, and he and all the students walked out the door.

“Guys, I have to go get something from my dorm room, I’ll be right back.” Zack said shortly after Mr. Stephens had left.

“No problem with me.” Data replied, and followed the other students back to the classroom.

Zack walked down to his dorm room and used his phone to unlock the door. He walked in and picked up his laptop, and noticed that there was a postcard lying on his bed. On the front there was no return address, and there was a design on the front made up of a shield and the word “targa.” He turned it over and read the message, his expression slowly turning horrified.

They’re going to kill Arceus?! He thought as he read, and the lake trio, too!

I can’t believe they’re going to kill them just so they can get Giratina! He thought in horror.

To be continued…

Now we have a slight intermission.
OK, it's over.

Pokemon: The Almia Conspiracy

Chapter Seven

It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining, and there were a few puffy white clouds, floating cheerfully in the breeze. Mesprit was happily playing with a toy that Prof. Rowan had given to it.

“Meeee!” it happily cried, playing with the small shiny ball, “Spriit!”

“There you are Mesprit. We shall finally destroy you, once and for all.” A mysterious voice said from the shadows of the trees.

“Meee? Meeeee!” Mesprit said, confused.

There was a quick sound of wind, and there was an arrow through Mesprit.
“Unnnngh…” Mesprit said as it died.

Meanwhile, Arceus felt a gush of heartwrenching pain as Mesprit was removed from life. It started to be less confident about its power and began putting up shields around itself, while mysteriously the power went out in the whole Mt. Coronet area. Arceus then sent a telepathic message to Zekrom and Reshiram, to ask for their help in resuscitating Mesprit. They returned a message saying that they could do it by themselves, but they’d have to bring Kyurem to help.

Meanwhile, at Dragon Spiral Tower, Zekrom was watching Lake Verity, waiting to leave until Tyler’s “target practice” left.

Reshiram, they’re gone. We can leave now. Zekrom telepathically said to Reshiram.

We have to get Kyurem, remember? Reshiram replied.

Ugh, I hate my cousin! Why do we have to bring him anyway? I thought we were powerful enough to revive Mesprit. Zekrom whined.

Because, he’s much more powerful in his Origin Form, you know, the one he had before we attacked him? He apparently can change into it at will. Reshiram replied, flying off towards Giant Chasm.

Well I’m going ahead to Lake Verity. Zekrom said, and flew off towards Lake Verity.

Meanwhile, Data was sitting at a computer in one of the computer labs at the Trainer Academy. One of his teachers was giving a pretest on the computer, and Data was stuck on a question that he had no idea what the answer was. Since he couldn’t open the internet normally, he found a loophole in the Monitoring Software and was able to look up the answer. However, he missed the Porygon-Y icon sitting in the upper right corner of the screen.

A few minutes later, all of the students had finished their tests and returned to the classroom. Mr. Monday, the computer lab administrator, walked in with his Porygon-Y floating beside him and asked Ms. Ellen if he could have a word with Data. He then walked up to Data’s desk.

“Data, do you recognize this Pokemon beside me?” he inquired.

“No, sir. Why do you ask?” Data replied.

“It is a Porygon-Y, evolved from Porygon2 with the Monitoring Software. I inserted it into all the computers to monitor all of your actions on the computer.” he replied.

“Yeah, so?” Data asked.

“Porygon-Y saw you cheating.” he answered.

“Oh. I’m sorry.” Data said.

“But I am impressed with how you figured out the loophole. Would you like to join my computer class?” he offered.

“Sure.” Data replied.

“I’ll have your schedule changed.” He replied, and then walked out the door.

Then Data returned his attention to Ms. Ellen’s teaching.

To be continued…

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