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As you may or may not know, emblems are one of the latest features here at PC. There are many different emblems. Some are easy to obtain, some are nearly impossible. Some are serious, some are just for fun. For example, one might be awarded to someone based on their great posts whereas another will poke fun at the typos we catch them making. None of these emblems are given automatically--anyone who gets an emblem is hand-picked by the staff.

This thread is a way to speculate and discuss how to get some emblems and learn how to qualify for various community-wide emblem. If you see an emblem and you think you know how to obtain it, let everyone know! If you've gotten an emblem that isn't on this list, and you're not entirely sure why, come see what everyone thinks in this thread. The staff won't confirm anything, but maybe you'll get a hint here and there. Just use this thread to talk about anything related to emblems.

Below is the list of community-wide emblems. These are emblems that any staff member is free to give out to any member they see fit. In addition to the emblems listed below, specific forum emblems are found within their designated forums. The purpose of this list is to give you a clear idea on how to earn emblems within the community and not hide anything. All emblems are manually given out by staff members. Please note, while we are displaying this list and how to earn them, these are not requestable emblems. If you fall in the criteria, it's strongly advised you don't request it.

PokéCommunity Emblem - Community-wide Master List
User-Requestable Emblems
All emblems are manually given out by staff members. Some of the emblems have very specific requirements such as usergroup, postcount, etc. Any of these emblems will be listed here and you can PM or contact any staff member to ask for it only if you know you qualify for it. (If we cannot find concrete evidence that you meet the requirements, it may not be granted.)
Emblem: PC Veteran
Requisite: Be a member of PC for at least three years.
*you may use this thread to request this emblem*
Emblem: Community Supporter
Requisite: Donate money to PC.
*you may use this thread to request this emblem*
Emblem: Committed
Requisite: Stay paired to the same member for over a year.
*you may use this thread to request this emblem*
Miscellaneous EmblemsNonsense Emblems
Emblem: Mr. Answer
Requisite: Member answers questions (be it forum-related, or otherwise) accurately and to a certain degree of detail.
Requisite: Given to those who seem to be on PC all the time. (Or at ridiculous hours for their timezone. :P)
Emblem: Wise One
Requisite: Member constantly creates well-constructed and thought-out posts.
Requisite: Outright ask to be a mod. (Or hint very, very heavily at it.)
Emblem: Profile Designer
Requisite: Have an eye-candy profile.
Emblem: Format Genius
Requisite: Fail to properly use one of the formatting tags in your posts.
Emblem: Theme Painter
Requisite: Developing a forum skin.
Emblem: Drama Queen
Requisite: Starting drama everywhere.
Emblem: Level Up!
Requisite: ...not be a n00b anymore.
Emblem: Gender Bender
Requisite: Manage to convince everyone you're the wrong gender, let people assume you're the wrong gender, etc.
Emblem: Helping Hand
Requisite: Given to people who often answers questions and help people out in any way.
Emblem: SHUT UP
Requisite: Write really, really long posts. Especially on a regular basis. (Can be good long posts or posts that are long for no good reason.)
Emblem: Color Co-ordinated
Requisite: If their profile is crazy and blinding and makes you scramble to disable their custom colours, they deserve this emblem.
Emblem: #1 Fan

Requisite: Pretty obvious--this is given out to people who are way too obsessed with something.
Emblem: XD!
Requisite: ...for those who overuse the smilie... xD;
Emblem: Smilie Overuser
Requisite: Using loads of smilies in every post.
Emblem: NONONO
Requisite: Asking for a non-requestable emblem.
Emblem: Varsity Nintendo
Requisite: Have a notable appreciation and knowledge on past generation games.
Emblem: Emblem Artisan
Requisite: Make a lot of emblems!
Emblem: Knight of Hyrule
Requisite: Be a Zelda fan. A big one XD
Emblem: Jumping on the Bandwagon
Requisite: Jump on the bandwagon when their's a collab, etc.
Emblem: Too Much Effort
Requisite: Be lazy.
New!Emblem: Post it!
Requisite: Users with 10,000+ in post count, continuous posting within a thread / section, or a new user with a fairly large post count within a short time period.
New!Emblem: Crazy, crazy member
Requisite: Users who use a sense of humor in their personality around the forums (i.e. posts, VMs, and so on) or are acting obscure.
New!Emblem: I GOT AN EMBLEM!
Requisite: Frequent bloggers or blog posts that are read-worthy and / or made with effort.
New!Emblem: Super Nubcake!
Requisite: New members who act mature and knowing for just joining the forums.
New!Emblem: iStalker
Requisite: Those seen stalking other member's VM conversations, profiles, statistics, and other things ~stalkerish.~
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