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Originally Posted by InfernoRogue View Post
I think I may have an idea for a Colosseum/XD challenge. How about you can only catch all the Shadow Pokemon with a Pokeball? You can still catch a pokemon with a Great Ball or Ultra Ball, but if you do, you must use that pokemon on your team. (meaning you can only use a ball other than a regular Pokeball 6 times, for each 6 pokemon on your team) Every other pokemon besides those 6 must be caught with a Pokeball. You can't skip a pokemon either; you must catch all of the Shadow Pokemon in the game.

Hopefully that was semi-understandable.
I understand it, but it doesn't seem too unique, tbh. It seems like the catch them all challenge but with restrictions, and shadow pokemon aren't that much harder to snag.
I mean the games ARE based around catching shadow's but its quite possible to catch pokemon easily with a pokeball, depending on certain factors and of course, chance.
It may be difficult but challenges should be worth the challenger's time as well.

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