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Positions Needed

- RGSS Scriptors
  • Someone with the ability to make custom windows
  • Someone able to adapt and apply scripts in game
  • We are looking for advanced RGSS scriptors, but intermediate are also welcome

- Spriters and Tile Artists
  • We are in need of spriters with good ability for things such as OW's, trainer sprites, GUI's, items etc.
  • Tile artists are mainly needed for buildings and to try and put my ideas into pixels, as my ideas unfortunately surpass my spriting ability
  • Looking for experienced spriters or anyone with a very good ability to sprite

- One very skilled mapper
  • This is a simple one, I would like to have one very good mapper to work with, I can handle mapping myself, however if I had the opportunity to take on a very good mapper who could join the team, it would be of huge benefit to the project
Thread: Here
If interested, PM me. Proof of work is essential.
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