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User Name: MareBear
Trainer: Mary
Game: SoulSilver
Pokemon: Shuppet / Banette
Time on Game: 9:39

Badge Case:

After besting Silver, we started to make our way to Goldenrod City by way of the Ilex Forest. We made our way through Ilex Forest without much trouble then took on the trainers on Route 34. Once we made it to Goldenrod City and after finishing all the mini-quests, we took on the Goldenrod Gym. The trainers were easy but Whitney was very frustrating. Her Clefairy wasn't difficult at all but her Miltank gave me some trouble. Thanks to Attract and flinch hax, the battle was basically a stall war until Dusk was able to get a Will-O-Wisp off and eventually bring it down. Once we obtained the Plain badge, I set the clock forward to get the TM Return from the Department Store then we set off for Ecruteak City by way of Route 35, 36, and 37.

When we arrived at Ecruteak, we healed up and then made our way to the Dance Theater, where we saved another Kimono Girl, but this time from a Team Rocket Grunt. After that, we went to the Burned Tower, where we beat our rival again with ease, met Morty and Eusine, and set free the three roaming legendaries. We then headed to the Gym for our 4th badge and won it pretty easily, thanks to a type advantage but at the same time, not really. After beating Morty and heading back to a Pokemon Center, we headed for the next city on our list, Olivine City. We battled trainers on Routes 38 and 39 and Dusk finally evolved into a Banette! He's so much stronger now and I'm pretty confident we can take on anything. Also, we found a Shiny Leaf right before getting to Olivine City too!

EDIT: We finished the Lighthouse and just beat Chuck and Jasmine. Chuck went down fairly easily and Jasmine finally went down thanks to a double knockout. We are now headed to the Safari Zone to get the trainers and items there then back to Ecruteak to head on to Mahogany Town. At Mahogany, we stopped Team Rocket easily then faced Pryce, who also went down without a fight. We are now on our way to Goldenrod to stop Team Rocket once and for all!

Current Team:

Dusk Level 52 ♂
Nature : Rash
Ability : Insomnia
Item : Shell Bell
Faint Attack | Shadow Claw | Return |
Current Challenges:
Badges: 0 / 8
Completed Challenges:
Solo Challenges
Daisy the Golduck, Level 78 (Diamond)
Dusk the Banette, Level 100 (SoulSilver)
Favorite Challenge
Charizard - Roserade - Weavile - Yanmega - Cloyster - Gliscor
Duo-Species Challenge
Starmie & Nidoking (LeafGreen)

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