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Quote originally posted by Equin:
Nice list, and it's also fresh! It also made clear to me what an Emblem is.

Still, I have some questions. I guess it's rather silly of me to ask, but...
-how exactly can you tell if a member is 'lazy'? (refer to the 'too much effort' emblem)
The way I saw the emblem is it was for people who always use the 'I'm too lazy to' as an excuse to not do something. Such as updating a first post (like what Syd said), editing their post, changing their signature/avatar/user title, etc. Also having 'I'm too lazy to do such a thing' as part of their answer in an OVP can be part of it as well (ex: "I don't do too much homework, but it's because I'm too lazy to do it half the time" in a homework related question.)

Forever was the one who created the emblem, so the best option would be to ask her about it.

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