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@ Eliminator Jr.
The language idea sounds pretty cool! Not sure if I've seen different languages used in the anime at all, but maybe even a secret code or some sort might be useful?

Yes, the Magikarp guy is definitely putting up a fight! (in the original "Battle Royale" movie, I think the winning characters initially got "useless" weapons, e.g. a pot lid and binoculars while other people were getting axes and guns) But yes, there should definitely be trainers that will be playing it smart rather than all out offensively; I'm thinking another guy is going to have an Abra that only knows Teleport. So many possibilities...

Ooh, thanks for the book rec. That sounds really interesting. Have you heard of the "Hunger Games" at all, by any chance?

@ bobandbill
Oops, sorry about putting this the wrong place! ; I did see other plot idea type threads in the main Writer's Lounge section, though (e.g. "Flying Girl Rainbow Wing," "Unknown writing story," "Lilly's Story," etc.), and I'm a bit confused about how mine was different from those. In general, how should I determine where to post this kind of stuff in the future?

Haha, yes, Takuto is most definitely in the dark. He doesn't have much backstory in the anime, so I'm going to be taking free reign with that (evil smile). As for the collars, they explode if you try to take them off, and they have some sort of audio/tracking monitor system that I will have to look more into. ; Not sure how I'm gonna handle Pokemon evolving, though. Uh...magic! (haha)

Yeah, I don't think anyone in the happy G-rated world that is the Pokemon anime would take well to this at all, not without some serious trauma (which is part of the reason I feel this idea would be difficult to pull off well ). I guess one of the points of the original "Battle Royale" was that ordinary high schoolers could become killers under the pressure of life and death situations, so I'm looking for ways to make the Pokemon chars crack as well...hope that doesn't make me sound too evil. ;

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