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For example, I love my avatar and do not want to change it, I'm not procrastinated at all for saying that, right?
Not at all. There's a difference between liking your avatar and keeping it because of so, and saying that you want to change your avatar but you're too lazy to or 'procrastinating.'

Perhaps to solve this problem, we make it so it's either or, because 'Too much Effort' doesn't sound... like procrastination? It sounds more along the lines of 'it's too much effort because I'm feeling lazy', or something along the lines. Also, to some people, being procrastinate comes from being lazy (I know my procrastination does), while for some others it's not. So... instead of just 'Be lazy' for the requirements, have it be 'Be Lazy, or be known to procrastinate around the forums'?


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