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Originally Posted by Starmine View Post
Looks awesome, just fantastic. I was working on the same thing, a gsc remake based on emerald.. you posted yours faster so well, dont try to stop this project, eh? ;3

Just impressive what young people like you already can do. Great job, I'll follow this.
Thanks, that's awesome.
Also, I'm sorry about your hack, but, since you want to be on my team, just send me the proof of work.
Originally Posted by dooshboi View Post
Love the game, the OWs, the scripting accuracy, etc. But I think you should take a Shiny Gold esque approach. Add some of your own scripts, make the game a bit harder when we get to Kanto. Make us feel like we're playing a BETTER version of Crystal. I've been looking through Shiny Gold and changing some things to make my own private completed version of the game, and I've seen that Zel really made an effort to keep the storyline the same, but add his own personal touch at the same time. The Pokenav-Pokegear idea was great, and if you can do that, it's limitless to what else you can add in. Without extras, it'd just be Pokemon Crystal all over again! I loved Crystal, but I really want to see a change of pace with this hack. Good luck!

EDIT: Also, you forgot to add Phanpy to Route 46, which was a big part of the Crystal experience! Just saying (;
Awesome answer below.
Also, Phanpy was in Route 46 in the morning, and since there isn't time-of-day wild Pokémon, I used the daytime Pokémon. Sorry.
Originally Posted by SonicBlazePlatinum View Post
This is diegoisawesome's ROM Hack not yours. The game is fine just the way it is, it doesn't need anything new unless Game Freak (NOT NINTENDO) did it. I am tired of these GSC remakes having stupid changes that were not even in the game, it just takes the fun out of it for me. I am glad it gives the same feeling as Pokemon Crystal, this is my only favorite GSC remake! Besides HG/SS, but they are the offical remakes though.
I agree (almost) completely. For some hacks, having some extras that weren't in the original storyline works fine, but CrystalDust is having an almost-perfect, almost-unchanged Crystal experience on the GBA. I, like you, don't like hacks that go overboard with the changes, though. I saw a hack that had a petting zoo in Cherrygrove or something and I was like "o_o wut". Hehe, good times.

Anyways, many people don't seem to get that CrystalDust is trying to be an almost-exact remake of Crystal, and that the new stuff is coming after everything in Crystal's been said and done.

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