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Originally Posted by diegoisawesome View Post
And "post-apocalyptic wasteland"? I think that's a bit too harsh, don't you think? After all, the only really badly affected things were Viridian Forest and Mt. Moon, from what I can remember.
*Safari Zone is gone (though it was originally supposed to be there cuz there's map data) (HG/SS had it turned into Pal Park, which is reasonable)
*Cerulean Cave is gone (HG/SS fixed this)
*Cinnabar Island conveniently destroyed by volcano, which equates to less map data
*Viridian Forest turned into "Viridian Bushes" (HG/SS fixed this)
*Pokemon Tower conveniently turned into a radio tower, which equates to less map data
*Pewter City Museum closed (HG/SS fixed this)
*Route 23 practically doesn't exist

And also, the map problems (this does not affect HG/SS, since HG/SS made the maps bigger than FR/LG, in comparison to G/S/C making it smaller than R/B/Y.) All of these maps shrunk from R/B/Y (yes, I checked map dimensions):
*Diglett's Cave was moved to Vermilion City, which caused the main part of Vermilion City to shrink (map dimensions are actually the same)
*Celadon City shrunk
*Indigo Plateau and Route 23 became one map, both shrunk
*Every single route had it's size reduced
*In all cities, despite all the cities having the same map dimensions (except Celadon), the buildings had to be arranged differently to accommodate the shrunken routes. Many buildings now lacked doors and overall just seemed dead...

Again, none of what I said above applies to HG/SS, but HG/SS are still flawed for other reasons, such as not fixing the level problem.

Some other problems I didn't like about G/S/C/HG/SS
The main cause of the level problem is that you could challenge Chuck, Jasmine, and Pryce in almost any order you want. Most people choose to fight Chuck as the 5th Gym Leader, so when they reach Route 43, you have 6 badges and you're still fighting Lv15 Pokemon, which is pretty ridiculous. And the Rocket Executives topped off with a Lv25 Murkrow (Lv27 in HG/SS), despite most players having faced Jasmine's Lv35 Steelix already.

And also, the Rocket Executive teams are pathetic. When I faced Archer in HG/SS (he's the one with the Houndoom), I was somewhat expecting his team to be changed considering how lame it was in G/S/C, and when he first sent out a Lv35 Houndour (Lv33 in G/S/C), the first thing I thought was, "WTF!?!? IS THIS A JOKE?" And when Proton sent out a Lv8 Zubat in Slowpoke Well, I thought the same thing.

Please don't take my posts as an insult, it's not that I don't like your hack, I just don't like some aspects of G/S/C/HG/SS.

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