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Originally Posted by garg_priyansh View Post
The bug is that when you talk to that old lady in the dream first time
I answered her 'Yes' to change my destiny.
Then she says to follow her
i go back again to check the rain but when i return she is again standing there asking me to pick one of the three starters.I cant get past her at all.Help
Restart and don't check the rain this time. I guess I should fix that.

Originally Posted by Quilava's Master View Post
That PC glitch is pretty big, I mean collecting an arsenal of pokemon is definitely part of the pokemon tradition. That coupled with the wave of bugs and glitches I would advise youu to start fresh. I mean it realy shouldnt be hard tp just import all of your maps, and copy your scripts over. Having such a major bug and doing nothing about it is definitiely ruining what could be a good hack.
Believe me, I've tried doing that but the bug continues to exist when I copy the maps/scripts.

Originally Posted by ShadowDragon3812 View Post
Just started playing this hack today, and i found a bug. One of the fisherman in Clarity Town, the one on the right, Duncan I believe his name is, is a glitched double battle. he sends out his Goldeen, along with a question mark. The question mark can't be attakced, doesn't attack, and doesn't really do anything except float there. it is even present when duncan comes out to give his losing speech.

EDIT-also, is there anyway to properly exit the trainer house place in the city with the 1st gym? it keeps leading me into the cable link battle room. If i faint inside do i exit properly?

If this happens to be mentioned already. sorry to be a time waster.
Something that happens when you are lazy. I will release a new patch to fix this and many of the other bugs in the hack.
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