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No update in a while cause Thanksgiving has been keeping me busy. (Plus every time I tried to update, the server was too busy, and I tried about four different times.) But here we go.

-Saved Munna from Team Plasma
-Got the C-Gear (useless due to ROM use, but pretty cool still)
-Beat Cheren
-Rescued a stolen Pokémon from Plasma
-Got to Shippou City
-Entered Museum/Gym
-Battled and beat Aloe with some difficulty
-Saw Plasma steal the dragon skull (I have no clue why, it has nothing to do with liberating Pokémon)
-Met Arti and went to Yaguruma Forest
-Stopped Plasma and retrieved the skull
-Crossed Sky Arrow Bridge (awesome graphics for a DS game, may I say)
-Arrived in Hiun City
-Had another run in with Plasma who stole Belle's Munna
-Rescued Munna
-Razor evolved into Doryuuzu ('bout time)
-Entered Hiun Gym
-Took it down easily with Rock Slide
-Battled and beat both Belle and Cheren
-Currently in Route 4 desert area and heading to Raimon City

So now I'm at three badges and I've already encountered Team Plasma a total of 5 times. Very interesting so far.

By the way...

Quote originally posted by Porygon Z:
I'll do an Ultimate Solo Run.
The games will be Leaf Green, Soul Silver, Sapphire, Pearl, and White.
The Solo Runner will be Trapinch (evolving).
The USC doesn't yet require you to play through the fifth generation yet, so if you don't want to, there's no need for it.

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