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I am making myself known for I feel as though I earned these.

Like 5 years ago, but still.

I should also get the "I asked to be Modded" but instead make it Remodded.

Emblem: Drama Queen
I manned those Elections. That alone gives me this.

Emblem: Gender Bender
This, I believe, was done with Andrea. We did this for like 2-3 months, right? :3

Emblem: Post it!
I made 6,000 posts in the summer of my modliness. Most in the mod lounge with JA, but still.

Emblem: Committed
Me and JA have been Webbieshipping for about 5 years. We deserve this.

And now I shall disappear into my webbies section that is DEAD BECAUSE YOU BURIED IT-- doing fine. We should get some emblems tho!

And yes, I know we can't request these things. I doeth not care though, since I did put one that is requestable.
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