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Quote originally posted by me2hack:
Nice, a new update, I'll be waiting for the new release. =]
Thanks; won't be too long ;)

Quote originally posted by DForte:
I think I finished the demo, which is kind of disappointing lol. It is amazing. I did notice 2 glitches: The first is around the corrupted Mareep I believe. When you put a bitter bait in the required location, a Bellsprout comes, but even after defeating it, it doesn't go away. I battled it a few times just to get my levels up. The other glitch had to do with the Corrupted Ursaring. After you battle it and it sends to your pc, its not a Teddiursa, its a different pokemon, cannot remember which one exactly. Just thought I would be bring these to your attention. Amazing game thus far. Cannot wait for you to come out with the update.
ty, both glitches are fixed now.

Quote originally posted by heiniyt:
help me got this problem
not <avible> check website to get latest update on mors village gym
i got v0.25
thats where it goes up to.

Quote originally posted by grest:
is it up to 3rd gen pokemons
Quote originally posted by me2hack:
Not all pokemons will be added.
There will be some 3rd gen pokemon. only a handful will be catchable.

Quote originally posted by Lockmaster24:
Yay more updates! I wonder are you still going to make the HP change of the eevee switch a percentage change?
Yep-yep. Implemented in next update :D

Quote originally posted by Masterge77:
Wow, I can't wait for the next beta, I'm so excited!!!!!
Aww..... No Vulpix, darn, I love Vulpix and I was hoping to get one.....
I'll be adding more pokemon postrelease, vulpix will be one of em.
EDIT: You may be plesantly suprised in a later update ;)
(not the upcomming one)

Update [1/12/10]

Progress Update

bugtesting has been good so far. release is on track for... late tomorrow. fixed some bugs, made some modifications including.....

-AI battle music is now changed. It's now the Jenova Battle music from FF7. has a nice digital AI type tone.
-If you deposit a pokemon, all their equipment will be unequiped; so no hunting for an item you forgot to unequip.
-Second kanto bug pokemon can now be obtained (caterpie/weedle)
-Bitter Berry catching system has been sorta replaced. Bitter berries don't exist anymore. Instead- you bait pokemon with... Rare Candies. It has a nice duality. Level up a pokemon you already have... or catch a new one?
-questlog item has been added. database of sidequests and trophies. Is a work in progress.

Other features i've been brainstorming, but couldn't implement yet; auction houses, additional pokemon to adopt, Crystal- the female character of g/s/c- she will be met in various parts of the game(and can be called), informing if she's seen any corrupted pokemon.

Feature Update

While I was bugtesting, my HP dipped below 25%- HP turned yellow. My brother asked if it had a limitbreak system (like FF8), I said no. He said I should put one in. I... initally dismissed the idea, as being too hard to implement... but the more I thought about it. the more easier it sounded.

So here it is. The Limit system. Fully intergrated in v0.4.

So- whenever your HP reaches below 25%. You'll enter limit mode.
In this mode your PP will slowly recover (5% per turn) but more importantly.. All your stats (minus HP and PP) will DOUBLE.
so that double Attack, Defence, Special and Speed.

It just makes desperate situations more interesting. And adds a new way to play, gambling by keeping your HP low, to get massive benefits. Also, it's a feature which I've never seen in much/any pokemon game.

Event Update

SPEE lacks a trading system. So you'll be getting them ingame. So why save it up... You can get your second Kanto starter as soon as you get the first- but with strings attached.

Upon completing the poke academy and obtaining the first starter pokemon, you'll be asked my the academy master if you want to do the Soul Challenge. Its a single battle against the academy master. But he is very powerful. He even carries a legendary pokemon. He is stronger than the 5th gym leader. So yeah...

Version 0.753 is out
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